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Senin, 05 Januari 2009

Palestinian Civilians Need Your Donation

Palestinian citizens in the region Gazza still need help from the world of international humanitarian. Many hundreds of lives as a result of action by the Jewish state the invasion, thousands of people suffered serious injury - light and a place among the crushed driver.

Parents lost their children, children lost their parents and many more suffering the Palestinian citizens as never sirna.
Countries that the majority religion of Islam, at least, has given strong reaction and condemn these actions brutal Isreal. Through the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-C) in Indonesia, let us Lending a hand alleviate the burden of our brothers who have become victims of violence in the Israeli invasion point Gazza.

The Indonesian Support humanitarian mission Mer-C To Palestinian
pipe for assistance to the Palestinian people:
BCA cab Kwitang: No. Rek. 686.0153678
BSM cab. Kramat: No. Rek. 009.0121.773
(a.n. Medical Emergency Rescue Committee)
BMI cab. Arthaloka: No. Rek. 301.00521.15 (a.n. Mer-C)

or via SMS (only Indonesian Countries):
Type: MERC space PEDULI
Send to 7505 (donations Rp.5.000/sms)


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elvareeta mengatakan...

Agree, and let us beam with humanitarian aid for residents in the path Gazza, Palestine. Hopefully always create peace on earth.