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Jumat, 23 Januari 2009


I wonder, is one of the Klaten district in Central Java province is famous as rice producers, namely Rojolele Rice, menthikwangi, etc.. Nowadays we rarely see these kinds of local products in the market, is it?
According to the latest BPS data, that the amount of rice field area in the district this shrink dramatically and has been replaced with concrete buildings in these locations.
Indeed ironic and very apprehensive, that the predicate, which was never disandang Klaten district as one of the producers of rice in the province of Central Java has begun tergeser by the new predicate is famous as the district level with the highest population density in Central Java after the City of Semarang.

We are aware that modern life requires the high cost but with the expense of the earth, the media have, once clearly naive. In this case, the farmers can not wrong because the price of dried paddy (unhulled rice) at the national level is still very low while the operational cost of land use in agriculture / rice clearly not comparable with the benefits of the farmers -
if you want honest, the comparison between the operational costs with benefits manage rice is proportionate reversed.

In addition to the exploitation of a large-scale factory drink refill Aqua source of ground water that is located in the district Cokro Tulung the more severe condition of ecosystem structure and land in this region, a result of the irrigation advance smoothly now stagnating, not to mention the impact of earthquakes on Medio 2006, damage the layer of soil that is exposed to natural electrical current. Many sources of ground water is dead, no less suddenly dry wells - the more severe conditions and circumstances of the farmers in Klaten district.

Anyone farmer, wherever they are, with the conditions of this kind - they would prefer to sell the land for their rice field than bear the loss is greater use in the rice fields.

To prevent or at least minimize the amount of land susutnya rice field in the Klaten district, the regulations required that side to the farmers so that they cancel the intention to think and re-sell the land.

Such as the United Nations to provide tax relief for the rice field area, to provide water and fertilizer subsidies and impose administrative costs and high taxes to the land transfer function/ land re-form into the main rice field settlements, factories, etc..
Easier for farmers to sell rice to dry with a high price is haeapan for those who have productive land rice field.

This can be achieved if local government is giving serious attention to the community for the majority of the farmers.

Now the options are in the legislative, executive and legislative branches in the Klaten district, is still maintaining the presence of the rice
to make regulations regarding land transfer function MUST stand on the farmers or even more satisfied if the productive land is changed into the settlements, factories, hotels, shopping centers etc.

The younger generation in the 5 years that will become a witness, Klaten or changed to Green Concrete, they will eat the results of their own land or have lost their land only to get a handful of rice ...

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